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What can a doula do for you?


Pregnancy, especially in a different country with a different language, can be quite the adventure. Emotional support you receive from a doula helps you feel like somebody always has your back. Are you not sure what the doctor was talking about at the last visit? Ask your doula to talk about it with you. A doula can help you make a list of followup questions for your doctor,

Do you not feel comfortable attending visits alone while not speaking the language? A doula can go to visits with you and help translate your questions.

Feeling overwhelmed navigating the medical system and paperwork? A doula will help you make a plan and inform you of the necessary procedures to have everything in order.


A birth doula will not only help you through your pregnancy and birth, but will also help you to prepare for the time after your baby is born. She will make sure you have the resources and support you need in the time following the birth.


A birth doula will help you prepare not only a birth plan, but can also guide you when choosing a birthing location, inform you on what to take or what is provided at your location and also be there on the day you give birth to help you through the whole process.


Doulas are like an encyclopedia for pregnant women. They can help with anything from finding lactation support to recommending a place to get a prenatal massage.


Your doula will be on call 24 hours a day in the last weeks of your pregnancy so whenever your labor begins she will be available to help you. During birth she will be there the entire time to assist you and your partner in whatever you may need.


Your doula will be there to help you with comfort measures such as movement, positions, touch etc and will also be there to help you to make informed decisions if any medical procedure may come up.


When you are home and settling in your doula will come to your house to talk about your birth experience, see how you are feeling, assist in breastfeeding support, and generally anything you may need those first weeks after birth.


Your doula is not only there to assist you in your birth, she is your friend to talk to, laugh with, cry with she will always be there to support you.

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